Eye Catching Stock: Albireo Pharma (NASDAQ:ALBO)

Albireo Pharma (NASDAQ:ALBO) changed -1.79% to recent value of $31.22. The stock transacted 51874 shares during most recent day however it has an average volume of 55.38K shares. It spotted trading -19.31% off 52-week high price. On the other end, the stock has been noted 63.43% away from the low price over the last 52-weeks.

 Albireo Pharma (NASDAQ:ALBO) a clinical-stage orphan pediatric liver disease company developing novel bile acid modulators, announced  the launch of PFIC Voices, a new global campaign to build awareness and understanding of the burden of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC), an ultra-rare, genetic, pediatric liver disease. Through PFIC Voices, Albireo is joining with leaders from the patient advocacy community, families and clinicians to share perspectives about the impact of PFIC, and the critical need for education, treatment and support.

Imagine the heartbreak of trying to console a child who is scratching herself so much day and night that she tears through her skin to the point of bleeding, said Emily Ventura, leader of PFIC Network (www.pfic.org), and mother to a PFIC patient. This is the experience of patients living with PFIC, and it affects the entire family. We are confronted with life-altering challenges in the present and an uncertain future. While we have made important progress in raising awareness in recent years, we must all join in the effort to support research that could lead to treatment. PFIC Voices is a way for patient and parent voices to be heard.

PFIC is rare but devastating, and those affected are desperate for relief—for their child and for the whole family. It is an inherited liver disease in which normal bile flow is disrupted, elevating bile acids to toxic levels. In many cases, patients diagnosed with PFIC progress to cirrhosis and experience end-stage liver disease by 10 years old. PFIC is estimated to affect one in every 50,000 to 100,000 children born worldwide. It is characterized by pruritus (intense itching), jaundice (yellowing of the skin), nutrient malabsorption, and poor weight gain and growth. PFIC is disruptive to sleep, leading to irritability and daytime fatigue for all family members. Itching may be so severe that it drives the decision to seek liver transplant. Liver transplant and other surgical interventions may fail, have complications, or bring psychological and social issues.

There are no approved treatments for PFIC, and healthcare providers have only limited options available to help manage this disease, said Dr. Patrick McKiernan, Director, Pediatric Hepatology Program, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. These children usually need disfiguring surgeries or a liver transplant in addition to managing severe symptoms. Efforts to increase awareness of the impact of PFIC can play an important role in both improving treatment outcomes for patients, and driving research that could lead to new treatments in the years ahead. Its earnings per share (EPS) expected to touch remained -26.20% for this year

 The company has 12.26M of outstanding shares and 9.85M shares were floated in the market. According to the most recent quarter its current ratio was 15.5 that represents company’s ability to meet its current financial obligations. The price moved ahead of -4.52% from the mean of 20 days, -6.98% from mean of 50 days SMA and performed 6.76% from mean of 200 days price. Company’s performance for the week was -4.32%, -10.16% for month and YTD performance remained 27.27%.

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